Meeting 5 – Recap

October 6th, 2022

Meeting 5 was another successful and fantastic event! Thank you to everyone who made it out.

The meeting started and ended with some general networking.

We then moved into a Q&A session with A. Ryan Wright. Ryan answered some common legal questions and provided some great resources.

Ryan also talked about some common legal mistakes

  • Not utilizing a Registered Agent
    • They help with privacy
    • Provide mailing address and phone service for your business during business hours
    • It is illegal to use a P.O. box when registering your business. You must provide a physical address (your house, office building, or registered agents office).
  • When registering, not providing a good Par Value.
  • Registering an LLC vs B Corp vs Partnership vs Corporation
  • Not setting up an operating agreement

Ryan answered many questions and provided invaluable resources and advice.

We also had Jo Clark showcase her app, Noww.Social. Jo talked a bit about her career, where she started, and all of the obstacles she has overcome through the years. Jo, you have an amazing story.

We also got to see Jo’s app. She talked about her vision for it, where she wants to take it, what it currently does, and also asked for feedback and advice.

A brief overview, have you ever attended an event, and wanted to have one central place to network with everyone there? You can do that with Noww.Social. You see all the events in your area, check in, and you join a pool of everyone who is attending.

You can simply connect with them by tapping phones (future feature). And when you go back through your contacts, you can see where and when you connected with people.

Thank you Ryan and Jo for coming out and sharing with the group!

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