Meeting 1 – Recap

June 22nd, 2022

Our first ever meeting! Side Project Side launched June 22nd, 2022. We were lucky enough to have 15 people show up.

During the meeting, we focused a lot on what our audience wanted to gain from our group. We, the founders, have a ton of ideas. But what were the expectations of everyone else? We dove into this with an activity called Lean Coffee. Everyone had a chance to share what topics were most interesting to them.

Some of the most common topics were

  1. Legal stuff (protect IP, NDA’s, Patents, Terms of Services, Privacy Policy…)
  2. Revenue Generation (how to make money, at what point to monetize, when to start thinking about revenue…)
  3. Who care (how to validate, testing, feedback…)

After Lean Coffee, we dove into a showcase by the founder, Danyal Mahmud. He talked about a React Native template project he uses to help streamline the start of new mobile app projects. He used this template to create an app called, Rising Quotes.

Rising quotes is a motivational quote app. You can scroll through different quotes, favorite them, change backgrounds, and share them with your friends.

We closed out the meeting with some networking.

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